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Dear Followers,

First of all I apologize for not keeping this blog updated for almost 9 months.

The idea of this place was for it to be fueled with BATB’s fans ideas about what they love about it.

I was barely getting any submissions from the people though but as S1 & good part of S2 was a golden age as far as my interest in the show I kept the ideas popping up by myself.

Unfortunately I became more and more disappointed with how the story went in S2 & although I watched all of it, it had barely any excitement behind it.

Now I’ve been approached few times since then about the fate and future of this blog which means there are people who remember it exists and would possibly appreciate it being alive.

I might not be into the show like I used to but I am willing to keep this blog running IF it will have people’s ideas/reasons to keep it alive with.

I’m giving it a month. If there will be no feedback until 30 September 2014 I will be closing it. I’m also willing to pass it over to someone who will be interested in running it.

Should you have any questions, ideas, remarks feel free to drop me an ask.

Take care.


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